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V1.1.0.0 Release Notes

Thank you for your feedback!  Release is now available for download at http://www.intuit.com.au/quickbooks-online/promos/quickbooks-online-data-import.jsp. This release addresses more than 30 enhancement requests or bugs you identified since the beta version of the conversion tool was released two weeks ago. Below is a summary of the changes. Feel free to share any feedback with us by following up on this question on our live community -  https://qbodataimport.lc.intuit.com/questions/167407-version-1-1-0-0-release-notes:

  • A new step-by-step User Guide is now available on this forum.  This is a living document and will be updated regularly.
  • Payroll transactions are now migrated, they will be reflected in QuickBooks Online as journal entries posted to appropriate accounts

  • Fixed the problem where credit notes are not applied correctly.  A manual work around is required; please refer to the user guide for more information

  • Added a screen for the users to manually define account type mapping between Reckon QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online.   Please refer to the user guide for screen shots.

  • The tool now automatically maps tax codes.  The user, of course, is still able to manually override our suggestions.  In QuickBooks Online, tax rates are tied to tax codes, thus we remove the ability to map tax rates independent of tax codes

  • The conversion tool now keeps track of compatible releases. If a newer version of the tool is available, you will be notified and provided with a link to download the most recent version

  • Memorized entities are no longer picked up and imported, as they create duplicate entries in QuickBooks Online
  • The timeout is increased, enabling transmission of larger company files.